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ElectraLoops Electro Sex Pack Electrastim
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Yes its True - Electrically Conductive Rubber Loops which are Fully Adjustable!

Use one ElectraLoop around your scrotum and one around the base of your cock. Adjust each loop to the required size using the sliding adjuster and add a lick of conductive gel (supplied) to each loop at the point of skin contact. Connect one end of each loop to the cable and you're ready to go!

When you've got the feel of the ElectraStim sensation you're ready to hit the 'Program' button which will softly start to wave the stimulation up and down. As things hot up you can press the 'Program' button a further two times to speed up the action and intensify the sensations. You have full control of the power level which is clearly visible on the digital control panel.

Altenatively you can use both loops on the shaft or one around the corona. You can also use one of the loops in conjunction with a uni-polar anal ElectraProbe!

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