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Cupids Couch The Inflatable Passion Couch
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We are sorry this item is out of stock for the next few month but we do still have a few of the Cupids Couch Mini left.
Sorry the Rude Team.
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We had great fun with this, she loved it from behind with her legs in the air & thats just for starters, more to cum.

Absolutely awesome. I thought my wife was going to go nuts when this arrived - was I wrong - I can't keep her off it - shes up for anything - and I am knackered - 10/10

Sexy Cupid
fantastic very sexy product

The Rude Team
Please see these independent reviews from The Sex Toys Testers Team. They are just great. http://www.sextoytesters.co.uk/reviews/CupidsCouch-sex-toy-review.shtml

Best thing in the bedroom. I love it and so dose the girlfriend.Dont no how but the air makes it so much better.so many things you can do plus more.Dont let me tell you tho get one and try it something you wont regret.

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