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The Fantastic Bungee Sex Swing
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The experience of the Bungee Sexperience is a unique one. This patented product is unlike other sling or sex swing toys. What makes it a totally different experience?
The feeling of freedom and weightlessness!!

The harness system is suspended from an actual bungee cord, creating effortless action, a free floating effect and a lot of bounce! The swing is well worth the money invested!

The harness system, which consists of a chest harness, bum and leg straps and a headrest, is comfortable and easy to shift positions in. The system can be raised and lowered in two-inch increments with the heights adjustment strap.

The Bungee Sexperience sex swing rider can get into a virtually unlimited variety of positions quickly and easily and can be comfortable and mobile. A slight change in position can create an entirely new sensation. The bungee promotes sexual creativity because it is possible to get into otherwise impossible positions. A sexual position which may be uncomfortable or awkward on a flat surface becomes effortless while bouncing weightless in mid-air!
The bungee sex swing visual effect is great too. You get a clear unobstructed view of the action.

Either person can control the bungee action of this device. The user can pull the rider effortlessly back and forth or bounce them up or down. The rider can create the same action with a slight hip action while their partner lies, sits or stands completely still if they wish!

In the Bungee Sexperience sex swing it is possible to be right side up, upside down, face down and every variation of sideways in between.

The variations are limited only by the imagination. It's great for oral sex for example because of the ease with which you can bounce or move the rider prevents sore neck. The user has complete control of the length and force of the thrust if they like. Or the bungee sex swings rider can control the degree of motion.

Users report that the sensation of being gravity free really enhances their sexual experience by relaxing inhibitions and focusing physical sensations.

The bouncing action seems to stimulate endorphin release. Many people report a feeling of euphoria or "Perma Grin". They just don't seem to be able to stop smiling! This product is FUN!!

Ease of motion is one of the great features of the bungee swings but it can of course be used as a bondage device. It can create the illusion of bondage, yet the person can actually be comfortable while restrained.

With a little practice the bungee swing rider can easily get in and out of the harness by themselves.

The Bungee Sexperience ™ is made of high quality, washable material, is comfortably padded and resists moisture absorption. Do not wash the bungee cord, but all other components may be washed.

Included with each bungee sex swing:

1) Extension strap with Carabiner Clip - This webbing strap has 2 inch increments to raise and lower the swing.
2) Bungee Cord with 3 Carabiners
3) Chest harness
4) Butt harness
5) Leg harnesses, 2 adjustable
6) Headrest
7) Instructions- pictorial and diagram



Also take a look at the New Bungee Bondage Kit.
Make's it even more fun!!!

We are now The UK distributor for The Bungee Sex Swing......


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